About Catherine – Founder

Back in 2019, I was single Mum of two girls trying to make ends meet! Times were tough and it was difficult working a full time job whilst raising my two young girls completely on my own.

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart, always thinking of ideas as to how I could generate an income running my own business so that I could earn enough to look after my girls without the worry of having to work a full time job with a limited holiday allowance of just 20 days per year!

A friend of mine was given the opportunity to advertise on Facebook (organically) with the intention of sourcing customers for a local, reputable window and door company. Following this, I intensively researched organic advertising, I learnt about keywords and how to create eye-catching adverts. With my friends help, I too jumped on board with sourcing potential customers for this same company. I absolutely loved designing adverts and engaging with potential customers. It gave me a sense of purpose; connecting people to a reputable and trustworthy company knowing they would be having their dream windows and doors supplied and fitted to the highest of standards.

I decided to research and approach the most highly reviewed, reputable and trustworthy home improvement companies asking if they require potential customers. In 2019, I partnered with a fantastic loft boarding company named Instaloft I had a lovely long chat with the owner Rob Stone who in September 2019, gave me the opportunity to provide his company with potential customers. Due to the success and size of his highly reviewed and award-winning company, this was a massive deal for me. This inspired me to create a lovely team and help others earn money in the comfort of their own home – 4 years later, the same lovely team are still with me.

We went on to secure a contract with the Energy Saving Network The owner Gareth Cadden (who is passionate about helping people) provided me with an opportunity to advertise with the view of finding people who are eligible for fully funded government heating grants. We found that many of these people were living in terrible conditions. Some elderly and vulnerable with medical conditions, not even aware that they were eligible for a new fully government funded heating system! It’s an absolute pleasure knowing my team and I have connected these people to the Energy Saving Network – It’s a wonderful feeling knowing we have helped.

The most recent company we have partnered with are called We Spray Windows Yet another absolutely fantastic company
providing top-quality UPVC Spray Painting. Proficient at spray painting shopfronts, garage doors, roller shutters, cladding, windows including curtain walling, ceilings, staircases, automotive bodies, lift doors, furniture, metal fixtures and much more. It’s a pleasure passing our customers on to the owner Steve Mcqueeny. Steve takes such pride in his company and looks after each and every potential customer we provide him with.

We are constantly on the look out for the finest of home improvement companies so to make it easy for our customers to find the right company to carry out work in their home. Our aim is to partner with the most reputable home improvement companies from each sector covering all areas.

We will be adding the most gorgeous home products to our website soon  Thank you to the Wealthy Affiliate, we are able to source the highest of quality home products and services and, at an affordable price for our customers! As well as connecting our customers to the most fantastic home improvement companies, I am also passionate about helping people to set up their own businesses from the comfort of their own home. Feel free to reach out to me for more information via email: catherine@conquesthomeimprovements.com  and I will personally respond.

I am now looking forward to getting married to the most amazing and supportive partner Rob, I’ll become step Mum to two lovely boys. Between Rob and I, we have two boys and two girls so a very busy family of 6! Thank you to my online business, I am able to take advantage of being able to enjoy precious family time.

I am passionate about helping people, this makes me happy – this makes me tick!

Take care of your home, love your home and keep it beautiful for you and your family 🙂

Much Love,

Catherine x

Website: https://conquesthomeimprovements.com/

Email: catherine@conquesthomeimprovements.com


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